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    Album that's gunna make rappers quit (Ep)

    I'm almost certain this mixtape will KILL ANYTHING ELSE YOU HEAR FROM ANY OTHER ARTIST THIS YEAR (Except the studio rappers in hq. I love you guys. But the rest of these mainstream niggas, nahhh i completely obliterated them ) nothing i say will prepare you for this so just get ready. Release date: TBA but its already done, i just need artwork and a hype train started, also its worth getting excited for this time because I USED A $200 MICROPHONE THAT MY GF BOUGHT FOR ME THIS TIME

    GET SCARED (New Era)

    1. I hope I'm wrong
    2. Soul Train
    3. Was in a car wreck, but i made it
    4. The song that's gunna make rappers quit
    5. Speed Limit
    6. Isn't this an enigma?

    Bonus: the life of Alex (the life of -_-) (Never quit)

    Just 6 songs. And one bonus. Thats it

    I have nothing else to say in fear of risk of overhyping this. All of these songs are new to take advantage of the new microphone, (i had to scrap all my old songs after comparing the audio quality of them) but i literally was in a car wreck almost 2 weeks ago and almost lost my life due to a drunk driver (i have a broken face and nose) so i made all of this in light of that. Because im honestly sick about the whole shit tbh. LIKE LOOK AT MY EYE. (I wish i could show yall) its like all red and shit. Like wtf. I look like 2 different people from a side view lmao. (the jeep flipped 20 times, i was riding with a drunk driver who i didnt know was that drunk until they drove into a tree going 80 mph. Have no idea how i survived) But broo. My thing is, how ima get pussy after this looking like this?! Like bro, what if something happens to my eye or face, they talki g bout surgery under my face cuz all the damge happened on one side of my face, i feel like jason vorhees like im soo mad rn, Like broo every time i look in the mirror i get mad -_-
    so yeah mixtape time. I'll come back after i've responded to other people's threads, but yeah yall aint ready, new era​

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    where you been friend


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      Originally posted by Lucifer View Post
      where you been friend
      Just chillin. Freestyling with my neighbors everyday waiting on my settlement to come in from the wreck. This is the first actual vacation I've taken from my job in 4 years Lol but yeah before that i been working 24/7. I knocked a girl up but the more i know about her i wish she would get an abortion so i can knock someone up waay smarter. (SO sorry if thats wrong.) She's also a stripper, never thought in a million years i would be saying that. So this is easily my craziest relationship ever


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        But yeah I've literally been living out of the SAME hotel room this entire year just so my girlfriend would have a place to stay. (She got in a fight with my mom) I've only recently gotten this apartment that I'm sending this from currently. (I live in the hood tho.) I would've thought niggas would've tried to holla at my girl or sumn, but people have actually been kinda nice to us?? Like maybe they'll try to holla at her behind my back, idk. But it appears as if niggas think im cool out chere or somein (cuz they be asking me to rap all the time) and like 4 of my ex's stay out here, so i mean, i guess my love life is ok

        overall, my life was pretty okay before the wreck Lol. Post wreck my sex life dropped dramatically. Since my girlfriend is taking care of me, i cant do anything behind her back because she's HERE 24/7. (which is a good thing, she is taking care of me so she doesnt deserve to get cheated on, but she does strip on weekends so there's no tellling what she does when she's gone.)

        Ngl my life's a WRECK rn, all puns intended


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          Originally posted by -_- View Post
          She's also a stripper, never thought in a million years i would be saying that. So this is easily my craziest relationship ever