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Reputation System Explained

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  • Reputation System Explained

    Here's a guide and information on the Rep system that I'm aware of from previous experience as a admin/user on vB/forums. Mainly because I saw that so many people didn't understand the new system I thought i should quickly put something to gether to help them and also I know Danny and other staff are busy modding and stuff and wouldn't have time so I thought as a dedicated member i'd contribute

    How does the rep system work?
    Well it works simply by you can give users a positive or negative reputation based on a post or thread. This also helps show and recognition on the forum for the members that are most respected and contribute the most, wheather this is from helpful posts or an example could be if someone posted a download link to a leaked album then giving them +Rep for there work on providing that.

    Negative reputation could be given out for someone who is spamming, or a user who may have been rude or generally unhelpful. This will help show which members are less respected and it will take away the reputation if you give them negative reputation.

    There are 3 different levels of reputation:

    [Green] - Positive Rep
    [Grey] - Nutural Rep ( 0 Rep, this will be the case for most new members to the forums)
    [Red] - Negative Rep

    As I'm aware these are the situations for the levels of reputation.

    Green - The more green bars you have shows the higher level of rep you have earned.
    Grey - Obviously you can only have one grey bar as it's nutural.
    Red - Like Green the more red bars you get the worse your reputation is, this may indicate that your forum behaviour isn't adequate and indicates you may need to change your attitude and start acting more appropriately/helping.

    How can I give other members Reputation?
    It's simple. When you see a post that you may want to give positive/negative reputation to for something helpful/or bad then you click this icon:

    It's located on the left where your information is shown after you've posed in a thread.

    Once clicked this will appear and "Approve" Or "I disapprove" of their post. Obviously approved comments are +Rep and disapprove are -Rep.

    Simply click add rep to finish this. (Make sure you give a valid comment to go with your +/-Rep addition.)

    Can I see who and what reputation has been given to me positive or negative?

    It depends. If you're a staff member, or Weezy vet rank, then you can. However if you're just a member of the community it will be all unknown. This is to stop conflict. So you will see the same table as me as you see below, however it will be unknown who gave you the rep.

    Go to "Settings" at the top of the page, and you'll see a box like this:

    This shows the comment given for your +Rep/-Rep earned. And also what thread you got the reputation from and what user gave it to you.

    I got given reputation but it hasn't added to my "Rep"?

    I belive that users can only give +Rep to other users if they themselves have a certain level of reputation. Otherwise you'll see something like this:

    As you can see I have recieved two reputation points. But the bar is grey. This shows this reputation was nutural and I actually didn't gain points for it because these members haven't got a certain amount of reputation to give me positive reputation.

    I'm not sure, but I think when someone next time gives you positive reputation who has a +Rep which will add to your rep the nutural reputation may become active and add to your points. But I'm not sure as of yet.

    Are there limits to how much reputation I can give out?

    You have to spread reputation around before giving a user reputation that you have recently read, as you may know when you've gone to give someone reputation that you recently gave it'll say something like "Spread reputation around before repping this *user* again"

    Where is my rep?

    It's located in your UserCP. Click Settings at the top of the forum. You'll see a table with comments of you latest reputation you have recieved, at the top of this table you'll see it'll say something like "Total reputation points (56)" that is how much reputation you have, 100 is 2 green bars, 200 is 3 bars, etc.

    Rep Power (Archived, no longer shown on forum)

    "In your UserCP, where it says reputation points, this is the reputation that you have received. As people give you reputation this will increase, as they take it away (give negative reputation) it will decrease. For each 100 points you get another green dot displayed in your posts and profile.

    In your posts, if it says Rep Power, this is how much reputation you give to others when you give them reputation. Giving negative reputation will take away half the amount of your Rep Power.

    So, in terms of what is displayed in terms of green dots, you can see how much reputation someone has. I have one green dot, so my reputation is 1 or more but less than 100. Steve (the post above) has two green dots, so his reputation is between 100 and 199."(Source:
    Reputation help [Archive] - vBulletin Community Forum)

    How Does Rep Power Increase?

    SPOILERRep power goes up depending on...

    Registration date: for every __ number of days they are registered, they gain 1 point, so what they can give goes up one point.

    Post count: for every __ posts, they gain 1 point so what they can give to others goes up a point

    Reputation: for every ___ rep received, they gain 1 point so what they can give to others goes up a point. <- so by you adding your 100 rep points to them, it increases according to what the __ is.

    We recently installed extended repuation on to the forums.

    This is a very simple and similar process to the reputation explained above except when you reach a full amount of reputation pips it turns into a bronze star and the reputation bar then starts again until you reach full pips and it turns the bronze star into a silver star.

    This process is repeated until you have all silver stars and a full reputation bar.

    You can have up to 6 stars by the end of maxing out your reputation status. These would all be silver stars. Note: Silver stars are more than bronze stars

    You can also have up to 6 stars which are bronze aswell as bronze stars turn into silver stars once you have maxed out a full bar of pips. This would continue until each star turns into a silver star from recieving full rep pips to turn these into a silver star.


    The rep system is basically a system to show which members contribute the most to the forum, wheather that being a helpful post, or a user who may have given some exclusive wayne news. It also shows which members have respect and who are helpful. It gives members incentive to be more helpful and contribute to the forum more.

    And the negative reputation clearly shows the users who aren't respected as much, and who may be being a idiot or behaving badly.

    Lastly, DO NOT ABUSE THE SYSTEM! Don't give reputation for no reason. Try to keep things legit!

    Hope this helped. I'll try to answer any questions people have in the thread.
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    Re: Reputation System Explained

    Thanks for the info man!

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      Re: Reputation System Explained

      Yeah props for the info homie


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        Re: Reputation System Explained

        Ty i wont really understanding it until you explained.


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          Re: Reputation System Explained

          got it. 0 rep power


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            Re: Reputation System Explained

            No problem guys


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              Re: Reputation System Explained

              Nice guide man, +rep for this


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                Re: Reputation System Explained

                Props for the info, seems like alot of people still doesn't know how to use it considering most everyone still have "0 rep"



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                  Re: Reputation System Explained

                  It just gives you a lil more of a reason to contribute!


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                    Re: Reputation System Explained

                    People used to think "rep" was based on how many posts you have, that is stupid , im happy this has been added as ppl with a higher number of posts you looked upon by some
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                      Re: Reputation System Explained

                      i think members with stickied threads should get rep points.


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                        Re: Reputation System Explained

                        Hmmm, Nice Installation. I Gave My Boy Nino A Rep Point Already